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Dubai Land Department announced Real Estate Innovation Incubator 2023

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Dubai Land Department (DLD) has taken a major step towards attracting emerging international companies in the real estate sector by launching the "Real Estate Innovation Incubator 2023" initiative. Through a collaboration with Xclusiverse Technology Company, DLD aims to foster innovation in real estate and develop the skills and capabilities of individuals and local companies in the industry. The initiative also aligns with the Dubai Economic Agenda D33 and seeks to enhance the Emirate's digital system while facilitating the testing and commercialization of new and innovative products and technologies.
The cooperation agreement signed between DLD and Xclusiverse Technology Company focuses on bolstering confidence in Dubai's real estate sector by creating a unique investment environment and ensuring good governance of the real estate system. The agreement also aims to incubate controls for real estate innovation, further strengthening the sector. One of the key components of this collaboration is the launch of a virtual incubator platform, a business accelerator, and real estate technology companies as part of the "Real Estate Innovation Incubator 2023" initiative. Through this partnership, customer satisfaction will be enhanced, and services will be optimized to achieve the best possible results, thereby contributing to the overall development of the sector.
The cooperation agreement encompasses various areas of collaboration, with a particular emphasis on assembling a team of top-notch experts from Xclusiverse Technology Company to establish the virtual incubator. This virtual incubator will adhere to the highest local and global standards and practices, ensuring the utmost information security. The initiative will be launched globally from Dubai, showcasing DLD's commitment to contributing to the Dubai Economic Agenda D33.

By attracting emerging global companies and fostering innovation in the real estate sector, Dubai Land Department aims to position Dubai as a hub for real estate innovation and technological advancements. The "Real Estate Innovation Incubator 2023" initiative will provide a platform for startups and established companies alike to develop and test their innovative solutions, further elevating Dubai's position as a leading global destination for real estate investment and development.

Through this initiative, Dubai is demonstrating its commitment to embracing cutting-edge technologies and positioning itself at the forefront of the real estate industry. As the sector continues to evolve, the collaboration between DLD and Xclusiverse Technology Company will play a pivotal role in driving innovation, attracting investment, and ensuring sustainable growth in Dubai's real estate landscape.
Dubai Land Department values the significance of fostering collaborations between the public and private sectors to support Dubai’s economic agenda and position the city among the world’s top economic hubs. We are dedicated to realising the DLD’s strategy of becoming a world leader in real estate investments and providing proactive services that empower the real estate community to test and market new technologies. Our goal is to make Dubai a prominent center for incubating innovations in the real estate industry. – Majida Ali Rashid said.
She affirmed DLD’s dedication to further improving the real estate sector’s role in the emirate’s comprehensive development by strengthening public-private and government integration partnerships, utilising technology to develop real estate products, and creating a world-class and appealing investment environment. These efforts align with the wise leadership’s objectives to increase economic productivity through innovation and the implementation of digital solutions.

DLD constantly affirms its adoption of a sustainable approach aimed at achieving comprehensive development in the real estate sector, as well as adopting international best practices and adapting them to the unique features of the real estate market in the emirate and positioning Dubai as a role model regionally and globally.

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