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Overview of IT Proptech solutions for developers

Overview of IT Proptech solutions for developers

We are a Proptech media company. We provide useful information for developers, IT and construction experts, digital services, and anyone involved in these processes development digital transformation. We providing independent view for the Proptech amrket. Our team has developed within the development industry and has worked with digital products. We have external and internal understanding of the processes, the ability to recognize expertise, and a sober view of the digital landscape in Russia. Together with you, we will explore the solutions that appear on the market, study individual cases and startups, and examine the industry's perspective from the inside.
Proptech – is a common name for the variety of IT instruments used for improvements of business processes in Development and Construction. Digitization entered the developers market a couple of years ago, intensified during the pandemic, and moved into the post-COVID reality. We understand Proptech as the digitization of all business processes in the developer's life cycle. These are the digital solutions that automate design and construction, sales and marketing, operations, and customer service. The first thing we want to analyze is the clusters of products that exist in each of these stages of development lifecycle.

Products by the stage of lifecycle


This includes monitoring the market for financial modeling, assessment, and budgeting of development projects. They help organize project financing, calculate costs, and investment opportunities. This is the first stage of any developer's main business process, which includes decisions related to land banks and the allocation and attraction of capital.


These are BIM design services that allow automating the design of objects through creating information models and managing them through scenarios and stages. Such products are used at the stage of project creation, even before it takes physical shape. They help to organize not only the design process itself but also to efficiently organize the construction in the future. BIM technology directly affects the quality, timing, and cost of a development project.


This section includes tools for managing construction processes: cost and revenue control, managerial reporting, selection, procurement, and delivery of building materials and the search for construction equipment, selection of performers and worker accounting, standardization of repairs and design, modular construction, and others. These are the services that will help automate small tasks or entire stages of work for the general contractor and specialized professionals of the developer.


This section includes a block of digital solutions related to sales automation and control, marketing and geospatial analysis tools, sales and rental marketplaces, digital real estate agencies and online sales services, electronic mortgages, registration, and blockchain. These services are used at the stage of organizing sales and implementing a project in the market. They help to digitize all processes related to attracting and passing leads through the sales funnel to a deal.


This group of products is about digital HOAs, smart home organization, sustainable development, and real estate management, development, and management of co-working spaces, neighborhood centers, and co-living. Such solutions are needed for the developer at the operation stage, after the object has been transferred to the owner. Here we are talking about loyalty and repeat sales. Therefore, how finely these products are applied will affect the restart of the funnel and its expansion in the future.
Each of the clusters described by us contains fragmentary services that stitch one or several processes of the developer. There are also shell tools on the market that form ecosystems within stages and create a seamless process.
Our goal is to help the user to understand the specifics of the products in the IT landscape of the construction market today and introduce the real use cases in order to create the market standards necessary for the comprehensive digital transformation of the developer.
Daria Skutina,
Proptech.Media Consulting CEO