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7 Steps to Enter the Middle East Market

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7 Steps to Enter the Middle East Market by Petr Manin, Director of SIGNAX in the Middle East, Ex. Technical Director of Autodesk, Russia and CIS
1. Open an office and start working locally

Local partners do not perceive remote work. To interact, they must understand that you are here, nearby, always ready to help, and that the company is serious and for the long term. Personal communication and real work experience often make the difference.

2. Identify your niche

The niche should not be occupied by a large number of successful competitors, especially with solutions from global corporations. A clear focus, understanding of goals and possibilities, will allow you to direct all efforts towards improving specific processes.

3. Be visible

The company, its products, and services should be constantly in the spotlight. This includes online platforms, industry events, global forums, and publications on the relevant topics. It is impossible to become successful by promoting only through one channel and talking about yourself only at personal meetings.

4. Adapt to the local mentality

Start with the basics, something simple and understandable, then delve into more technological topics. If you were promised something, it may not mean anything. For project development, you need to remind about yourself again and again, prepare for slow decision-making, but do not let this process run its course.

5. Find local partners

Companies that have been operating for decades on the market have a pool of customers and a positive image. Why not try to take advantage of this? If the partner is focused on developing customer relationships and sales, it may be more appropriate to delegate this part of the work, concentrating on product development.

6. Develop not only your solution but also grow the market

Sometimes new ideas precede their time. In this case, you need to prepare the market for what will be in demand in the near future. Participants may not feel the need for the product, and you need to convey it. It is difficult to develop the market alone - technological partnerships and communities will come to help.

7. Implement a pilot project and tell everyone about it

Potential customers in any region need cases, and the Middle East is no exception. Any case with a local company will be a pass to new similar projects. A case with a large well-known company will definitely be a reason for respect. Having received such a project (even if it did not bring profit), you can make great progress in the market and.