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Top-5 startups from the Step Conference Pitch Competition, according to Proptech Media

1. My Park Buddy, presented by Daniel Philippe Hachem. A mobile application designed to simplify the process of finding and booking parking spaces in Dubai, addressing the city's parking challenges.

2. The Surpluss, by Rana Hajirasouli. A climate technology portal that enables the exchange of resources, promoting sustainability by reducing waste and encouraging the reuse of materials

3. PHYZZI S.A., presented by Kirill Sushko. An online platform that facilitates the trading of physical commodities, streamlining transactions and enhancing market access for traders.

4. Slide, presented by Omar Guizani: A financial technology app that offers cost-effective solutions for transferring money between North Africa and Europe, aiming to reduce transfer costs and improve efficiency.

And couple of #healthtech platforms, that provide innovative solutions in healthcare, aiming to improve patient care, accessibility, and the efficiency of health services.

Soon we'll know the winners of the competition! Wishing the best of luck for startups and great market success!
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