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Product Overview: TraceAir

Construction control platform TraceAir

TraceAir is a cloud-based platform for monitoring and managing construction work. The company has offices in Moscow and Silicon Valley. While in the United States, construction sites are monitored at all stages of construction, in Russia, the company focuses on the design and earthworks stages.
How it works?
An operator uses a drone to capture the construction site. The software creates a 3D copy of the site and uploads it to the TraceAir platform. The 3D model of the site is overlaid onto the project documentation, allowing for a comparison of qualitative and visual indicators. Regular footage is captured and added to the project on the platform, forming a database.
TraceAir Platform users can monitor the progress of construction and plan future work using factual and analytical data. The service allows one to understand what percentage of planned work has been completed, as well as identify errors in project documentation that may result in fines and an extension of the work period.
Platform Functionality
Measuring the volume of excavation and embankment; measurement of coordinates, distances and slopes; retrospective work control using the "Time Machine" tool; determining the areas of warehouse zones; checking the layout of engineering networks; determining the boundaries of vegetation; tracking construction equipment.
TraceAir Advantages
Time savings: there is no need to visit the construction site to see the actual work that has been carried out, it is enough to simply log in to the TraceAir platform and view the current footage.
Cost savings: construction work often loses profitability due to exceeding planned timeframes.
Visualization and analytics help to understand if the contractor is keeping up with the work and to assess whether there is enough personnel and equipment on the site to perform the full scope of work with quality.
Effective communication: the client can choose to share access to the construction site footage data with all project participants, including the contractor, consultants, and engineers. The service can be accessed from any device, whether it is a mobile phone, tablet, or computer. All objects can be viewed on an orthophoto plan in a measurable format. This makes the decision-making process for contentious issues more convenient and faster for users.
TraceAir's clients are large industrial enterprises, including SIBUR, Norilsk Nickel, Gazprom Neft, PIK, Gazprom Invest, SS7, Technimont, Pesco, and Novatek.

Etalon Invest (Developer): a construction project covering 140 hectares. Two days of drone surveying replaced three months of traditional geodetic surveying, saving the customer 4 million rubles. We measured the volume of the pit that needed to be excavated and determined the amount and types of other work required to prepare the site for construction.
SIBUR: the project area covered 600 hectares. We optimized earthwork during the design phase, saving the customer 180 million rubles. Using the platform's tools for calculating the balance of earth masses, we selected a project surface that allowed for the use of excavated soil as backfill, without sending it to landfills or importing additional soil from quarries. The slopes and compaction factors of the soils were also taken into account. The selection of the project surface was carried out by replacing it in the platform and subsequent measurements. This approach saved both soil and the budget for importing additional soil, as well as the time spent by designers on calculating different options.
M-12 "Moscow-Kazan" highway: employee time spent on field trips and business trips was reduced by 15% by reducing the number of field trips and providing the ability to measure work volumes directly at the job site.
Solid waste landfills: using the platform, landfill staff established control over compliance with cadastral boundaries and the release of harmful infiltrate. "With the program, you can more accurately calculate the distance for transporting rock soil to different areas of the site because there is a relief base on the site, and outside the site, there are maps, satellite imagery, and measuring tools. Then provide the schemes to the economic department and the customer." - Maxim Fedorenkov, PSMK LLC "The program allows us to reduce the number of construction control trips, which is a subcontractor." - Yevgeny Rudakov, Norilsk Nickel.
"I use TraceAir to confirm the current status of work. Has everything been done during the week as planned?" - Roman Nesterenko, SIBUR. Thus, the platform for remote monitoring of construction sites with up-to-date measurable information saves time and money on Russia's largest construction projects, and its unified information space makes project communication transparent and efficient.

Website: TraceAir - a web platform for construction control.