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Product Review: Digital Construction Management with PlanRadar

Product Review: Digital Construction Management with PlanRadar February

PlanRadar is a SaaS solution for the construction business and real estate projects. This digital tool is used for managing construction projects and documentation. It helps to gather all data related to the project, create and monitor tasks, as well as unite the office and the construction site in one communication channel.

How it Works?

PlanRadar is designed as a multifunctional platform that can be used on any device in both the office and on the construction site. Information is updated in real-time: all project participants are aware of the current situation and can react to tasks in the moment. The application also supports an offline work function: collected information is synchronized and updated when connected to the network.


Task Management

With PlanRadar, tasks can be quickly created on digital plans and BIM models. The system automatically sends notifications to the performers. Each task has a priority, deadlines, responsible person, and a geotag on the drawing. Media data is attached to the task: photos, videos, audio comments, documents, which provide a complete description of the detected defect or deficiency. After the subcontractor completes the task and changes the status, the customer will receive a notification via email or in the PlanRadar system. Any updates to the task are recorded in the log with the author and time.

Direct Communication

Project participants can record detected violations and assign tasks to the responsible person. Each task has an action protocol and chat where comments can be made on specific points.

Project Management

The program stores all project documentation. Information panels and support for digital drawings, the versions of which can be compared. A report can be generated for each task. With the automated statistics, you can see the project's progress and allocate resources more efficiently.

Control and reporting

Based on the data in the system, a report can be created.

Viewing BIM models

The function of uploading BIM models and working with uploaded 3D models. The work of interdisciplinary specialists takes place in one format without data loss.

PlanRadar Cost

The cost of the standard package is $32 per month.
The application allows you to add an unlimited number of subcontractors to each account. Cases The application has over 100,000 users in 60 countries around the world, working on more than 25,000 projects every week. The clients of the application include Pridex, Wainbridge, FSK, Sawatzky, and others.

Developer's experience: GloraX

The developer focuses on the construction of business-class housing, for which it relies on new development standards and actively implements digitalization in all processes. In August 2021, GloraX began construction of the modern multi-format complex Golden City. The object consists of five residential quarters and the creative cluster GloraX Space. The new format of the creative space combines residential and commercial functions: co-living, co-working, service apartments, offices, shops, and sports spaces. Before using PlanRadar, quality control during site visits took up 90% of the specialists' time. Large projects, such as Golden City, required special efforts: it was important to constantly monitor construction deadlines and work on improving quality. To achieve end-to-end digitalization of control, from SMR production to the quality of the final finish of apartments and handover to buyers, GloraX used PlanRadar. The service helped to remove construction processes from manual control. This increased control and simplified the work of project engineers: defect management and preparation of reports on problems began to be carried out twice as fast. In general, GloraX specialists were able to save up to 8 hours of work per week. The developer was able to speed up data exchange and document flow between management and technical staff at the sites.
The implementation of PlanRadar and connection with contractors allowed us to optimize processes on the site and reduce the time it takes for engineers and property owners to address issues during acceptance stages. PlanRadar offers simple yet effective tools for attaching comments not only to a specific room but also to a specific wall or engineering node. This, along with a large number of ready-made templates, allows us to quickly form a task pool for subcontracting organizations and control the progress of their work. Implementing this approach reduces the time required for project delivery and speeds up the process of handing over premises to the owners.
Director of Digital Transformation at GloraX